Ópera Checa

22 Nov , 2009  

Segunda noite em Nova Iorque…Para ocupação nocturna de sábado decidi aventurar-me a assistir a uma ópera em checo – From the House of the Dead. A ópera retrata a vida numa prisão política soviética na Sibéria. Apesar de ter gostado do tema confesso que ópera e checo não combinam, fez-me falta o parlar italiano da noite anterior:)

Tribo latina

22 Nov , 2009  

Uma noite em Nova Iorque – acompanhei uns amigos do parlamento italiano a um convívio com italianos emigrantes. Senti-me em casa. Esta coisa de sermos da tribo latina é mesmo verdade. Contaram-me que em Itália quando se diz que eram X espectadores mas Y eram portugueses, quer dizer que esses os ‘portugueses’ não pagaram. Nessa noite a expressão foi bem aplicada pois comi a mais deliciosa pasta a al dente.


27 Ago , 2009  

One week in Geneva- already rented a flat (which in Geneva is a challenge).met some neighbours already… my favourite is Mary she is 81 years old. A sweet woman, Mary has memory problems. Mary, a Greek born in Egypt, as she repeatedly told me insisted that I have dinner with her.. her nurse had left a small note on the TV: “Mary don’t forget the food”. It seems that generosity is not affected with age 🙂

Parliaments and the enhancement of democracy on the African continent: An analysis of institutional capacity and public perceptions

24 Jan , 2007  

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While modern parliaments in Africa receive little attention in the scholarly literature, they are drawing considerable attention from the international donor community. Since the early 1990s, when many African countries resumed multi-party elections and democratic practices, legislative strengthening programmes have become an important part of international democracy assistance. Despite these programmes, our knowledge about Africa’s current parliaments remains limited. They seem to be widely regarded as potential agents for democratic change but whether national legislatures are in fact enhancing the quality of democracy on the African continent is far from clear. This study discusses two important issues that lie at the heart of the democracy-enhancing potential of Africa’s current parliaments: their institutional capacity and the way they are perceived by the citizens they represent. After a brief review of the existing literature on legislatures in Africa, the essay first considers whether they have the institutional capacity to fulfil a meaningful role and provides a detailed description of the autonomy of parliaments in 16 selected countries. It then turns to the way Africans perceive and evaluate their parliaments. Do citizens see their legislatures as valuable institutions? Finally, we discuss the implications of our findings for the prospects of African parliaments becoming agents of democratic change.

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